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      Back to women
      Ic?ne - urban-chic fashion

      Tops Reinvented

      Puff sleeves, textured materials, and asymmetric styles are the current craze.


      Shirred poplin crop top

      Thin-ribbed crossover sweater for women by Icône

      Spring's Biggest Hits

      Seductive organza, an overflow of ditsy florals, and a platter of sweet shades are on the menu.

      Ruffle-hem organza jacket
      Recycled polyester belted retro dress

      Our Best Sellers

      Our Top Categories

      Let's Get Practical

      Designed to ensure optimal comfort without compromising your look, these technical clothes have all the right criteria to keep you looking stylish.

      The details that make all the difference

      Nylon cargo  utility dress
      Nylon track jacket
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